About MIPC

For more than a decade of fervour and focus, Madhavbaug has grown from strength to strength. We have successfully established more than 130 clinics and 2 dedicated hospitals in Maharashtra serving more than a million cardiac patients. We have carried out earnest research in thirst areas of Ayurvedic therapy, published and respected various articles in international peer-reviewed publications

Now we are a trusted name in the field of cardiology and cardiac rehabilitation. We have been treating patients for multiple cardiac ailments, associated conditions and complications. After having vast experience, studies and patient insights, we realized merely treating people is not enough! We have to adopt new ways to cure heart diseases and reach out to patients in a bigger way who have risk of heart diseases. We needed a platform to address this gap. That is how we decided to undertake an initiative to develop ethos of preventive cardiology in India. In this mission to eradicate the cardiac diseases from the country, I realized that the first step is to bring in and prepare more young people into the system. Thus what else could be a better platform than educating the doctors!

This brought us to the renowned Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, a trusted and accomplished university in India. After series of forums and conferences with officials, we asked and guided to form a chair under the University for our efforts in education. This is how the Chair of Preventive Cardiology established. After astute search for the Chair, Professor Dr. Jagdish Hiremath approached and he obliged us by accepting the position.


‘VRT’s Madhavabug Institute of Preventive Cardiology (MIPC) aims to reduce Cardio Vascular Burden in the high risk individuals of age group 30-60 years in Maharashtra.’

Missions: We would work within the tenets of – Education, Awareness and Research in Preventive Cardiology.


Our Objectives

  • To develop and train healthcare professionals in Preventive Cardiology.  We aim to be the leader in developing a cadre of such professionals to fulfill roles in the entire care spectrum
  • Disease education and training to community health activists as an outreach effort
  • Research activities in the area of preventive cardiology with efforts to collaborate with a larger pool of professionals from various other sciences and faculties.
  • To work with Government authorities to develop programs and measures to tackle the growth of chronic lifestyle diseases and associated risk factors. Support will be sought from various branches and authorities of govt. for support in our activities
  • To guide and influence health policy decisions pertaining to cardiac and lifestyle diseases
  • Awareness activities aimed at common populace in the broad spectrum of cardiac health and wellness
  • Information dissemination through various media to achieve the awareness targets
  •    To reach 2 lakh corporate employees and conduct online survey
  • Regular approach to Govt. Authorities for Guidelines and continuous Support to achieve our mission.
  • Creating 50 videos every year for layman of approx 1 minute duration for Whatsapp circulation
  • Publishing min 50 Success Stories of Heart Warriors and post it on MIPC Youtube channel/online/app/MIPC E news letter
  • Developing 500 Preventive Cardiologist in the span of 5 years through Fellowship in Preventive Cardiology.
  • Tie ups with Schools / Colleges to reach to 2 lakh children and educating them through E platform or offline like Monthly video session.
  • Developing 8/9 minutes videos on various risk factors as well as CAD of our Hon. Chair Professor and posting them online to reach to Target Audience.
  • Tie up with various organizations NGOs and educating their group of ‘Arogya Rakshak’ to train them ass ‘Preventologist’.
  • Tie up with Medical Organizations (PHC/IMA/NIMA etc) to educate 1,000 doctors for early detection of CVD.
  • Conducting monthly 1 webinar for corporate group by our Hon. Chair Professor.
  • Conducting Workshops on individual Risk factors and getting them executed in Offline mode by tie ups with Service partners.
  • Conducting 150 workshops per year for Medical/Para Medical colleges for education.
  • Media planning and content creation for the same.

VRT’s Trustees

  • – Dr. Vilas Potnis
  • – Dr. Rohit Sane
  • – Mrs. Usha Potnis
  • – Dr. Nisha Sane