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Dr. Jagdish S. Hiremath, Interventional Cardiologist, Pune & MIPC, Chair Professor

I have been in Interventional Cardiology nearly for 27yrs, but all along I had a thought process of preventive cardiovascular diseases. I have been working on my own and probably a singular effort is not so good enough.
But these campus is bigger, with MIPC with the help of you all, with the help of dedicated team, we can do wonders. What we at MIPC aim is trying to reach every family of Maharashtra, reach them through the social media, through radios, bringing up awareness related to diet, exercise, related to workshops conducted about the hypertension, about diabetes, lifestyle change, stress management. By this we will try to percolate in every family and try to bring a big lifestyle change in them.
Vision and Mission of MIPC is to reduce the burden of cardiovascular diseases in Maharashtra state. The emphasis is on the risk factor modification. On 1 side is the team of cardiovascular surgeons and other side is the society at big. The bridge between them needs to be reduced by us.
Wish you all the very best!!!