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Dr. Pankaj Patil, Navi Mumbai

Hello everybody! I have worked in pharma companies in medical services and medical affairs management and worked in clinical research also. Pharma field is completely related to medicines. So indirectly we can say that pharma filed helps in curing the diseases of the people. The unique part of this course is that it teaches prevention. This is the main reason to join this course. I know the curing part…I am doing it since years. But this course will teach me the prevention part! And as we say prevention is always better than cure…so I feel why not grab this opportunity and learn the preventive techniques in cardiology. This course is a complete package of knowledge, advancement and awareness which has made me join this course. In India every third-man develops heart attack. So, for noticeable reasons, a country with billion populations needs at least few thousand of health check doctors to speak to the growing requirements of the heart-patients. This program will have an immense communal significance. It is fully an E-learning course followed by observership program. I am expecting that this course will provide excellent clinical skills, knowledge and confidence to practice guideline based cardiology with utmost competence and safety. First, you can practice as preventive cardiologist with this course which is certified by MUHS. Second, the course is available through digital medium which makes it easier to access the course material without affecting my existing practice. Third, you get 1 month contact program which will provide hands on experience in handling cardiac cases. Fourth, you may get an opportunity to work with Cardiac Hospitals and Leading Cardiologists. Fifth, this will broaden the value to the existing practice and help us manage the cardiac cases at our end than to refer them to physician or cardiologist.